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With a strong economy providing numerous opportunities and a culturally diverse population, many foreign-born citizens have reaped the rewards of immigrating to Canada. Its educational system makes it attractive to immigrants, and has laid the foundation for future innovation and progress for all of Canada.​

  1. High quality of life: Life expectancy of 81 years.

  2. Safe and secure: 7th safest country in the world.

  3. Government-funded education: Ranked 7th best education system in the world.

  4. Economy is booming: Ranked 11th most wealthiest country in the world.

  5. Growing job market: 58 900 jobs are created every month in Canada.

  6. Government-funded healthcare: Canadians are medically covered from birth.

  7. Effective Public Transport: World-class public transport system.

  8. Multicultural Society: 1 out of 5 Canadians were born outside of Canada.

  9. Beautiful Canada: Canada is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Some Key Features 

Canada PR Visa

Canada PR visa is a popular choice for those who wants to settle in Canada permanently. The validity of a PR visa is five years which can later be renewed or converted in to citizenship of Canada in due time.


Direct Express Entry

Express Entry provides a pathway to permanent residence for skilled workers in Canada oroverseas.For potential skilled foreign workers, Express Entry will result infast processing times of six months or less.


Canada PNP Visa

Canada's PNP is a great alternative for those who could not get through Express Entry because of low CRS. We can help individuals who are interested in immigrating to a specific Canadian province or territory


Study Visa 

Last year, Canada admitted more than 400,000 international students. The majority of those students came from France, Nigeria, China, Japan, South Korea, the United States, Brazil, Iran, India, and Vietnam.


Sponsorship Visa 

As a nation with a commitment to family reunification and keeping loved ones together, Canada offers a number of immigration programs that give Canadians the opportunity to sponsor their family members to Canada.


Business Visa

Canada is seeking investors, business managers, and entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes who are interested in settling and seeking new opportunities in Canada to apply to the wide range of fast-tracked Business Immigration Programs.


How To Apply For Canada PR Visa From India?

- Get ECA & IELTS Test
- Score Minimum Points
- Create OnlineProfile
- Invitation toApply
- Submit PrApplication
- Get Canada PR Approval

What is Express Entry?

Canada's Express Entry is the fastest way to immigrate to Canada.


Canadian permanent residence applications submitted through the Express Entry system have a standard processing time of 6 months.


Canada will be welcoming 1.2 million newcomers by 2024.


Apply now! Be on your way to start a new life in Canada!

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