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Opportunity to Get PR for the Entire Family in Just 10 Days


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Invest €2,50,000 Euros (Approx Rs 2 cr.) in Property and become a Permanent Resident of Greece

7 Reasons why you should invest in Greece and obtain the GREECE Golden Visa and Permanent Residency


At only 250.000 EURO, Greece offers the cheapest access to a Permanent Residence Program compared to all other Full EU and Schengen Zone countries.

Easy gateway to European Citizenship

Greece offers European Citizenship. The investor and his family can apply for the citizenship 7 years 

after they obtain the Greek Residency


Tax Benefits

Choose to transfer your tax residency to Greece and benefit from fixed tax rate of 7% for your pension income.

 Alternatively, invest 500.000 EURO in real estate and pay a maximum amount of 100.000 EURO tax for your global income.


Secured Investment

Applicant can choose the real estate he/she wishes to purchase. The minimum investment is € 250,000.  It’s a tangible real investment with great ROI (not a donation)

Visa Free Travel to Schengen Region

Visa Free travel access to the 26 Schengen Countries with the Golden Visa. 

Wide Family Coverage

Applicant could include spouse, dependent children, dependent parents, as well as dependent parent-in-laws.

Resilient Greek Economy

The proactive stance towards COVID-19 along with the nationwide reforms created the foundations of a resilient economy that handled the inevitable pandemic recession admirably and according to European Commission is expected to return to 4.8% growth in 2021 and 6% in 2022,  making Greece an undisputed success story.

Tremendous Value for Money

Greek Real Estate markets exhibits extraordinary value for money, offering some of the best beachfront locations in Europe, while costing a fraction  of the price of its European counterparts. Typically a demand driven market, Greece has maintained healthy sustainable capital gains, protecting investors from some over inflated real estate prices that plagued most of the EU market

Why Greece

  • Full member of European Union and Eurozone

  • Unparalleled beauty and diversity in landscape & Vegetation 

  • Healthy Mediterranean climate with 320 sunny days a year 

  • 428 blue – flagged beaches & 16.000 km of coastline 

  • World's healthiest diet – exquisite local cuisine & wines 

  • Friendly and hospitable people, relaxed lifestyle 

  • English is widely spoken 

  • Safe: at the top of the EU list 

  • Rich history & culture as well as a vivid modern life (culture & social) 

  • Advanced infrastructure & expertise in professional services 

  • Excellent medical facilities and Strong banking system 

  • Great investment: low prices, growing rentals 

  • Laws regulations becoming more 'investor friendly' 

  • Low cost of living 

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You can also apply for a Greek Passport (EU) in 7 years after obtaining PR status.
You need to live in Greece a minimum of
180 days a year.

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Property Investment Opportunity and Permanent Residency Program in Association with  

The Leptos Group has been passionate about properties for over 60 years. From breathtaking homes by the sea, to hillside havens, we offer ready-to-move-in properties and off-plan options to suit every taste and budget. As a Leptos property owner, you also get exclusive ‘Gold Club’ membership with benefits at our hotels, hospital and university. With an extensive after-sales support service

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