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Invest €2,50,000 Euros (Approx Rs 2 cr.) in Property and become a Permanent Resident of Greece

Invest €3,00,000 Euros (Approx Rs 2.60 cr.) in Property and become a Permanent Resident of Cyprus

The best properties in Greece and Cyprus for your clients, with added benefits.


  • Clients can reserve their property (pay a small token) and fly later to inspect

  • Option to swap property at a later stage

  • Live property viewing

  • Free lawyer’s fees

  • Free furniture packages

  • Inspection trip to Cyprus

  • Free airline tickets

  • 1 week free accommodation in a Leptos Hotel

  • 3% to 5% rental guarantee on selected units

  • Free Leptos Gold Card membership

  • Ready-to-move-in freehold properties

Why Greece

  • Full member of European Union and Eurozone

  • Unparalleled beauty and diversity in landscape & Vegetation 

  • Healthy Mediterranean climate with 320 sunny days a year 

  • 428 blue – flagged beaches & 16.000 km of coastline 

  • World's healthiest diet – exquisite local cuisine & wines 

  • Friendly and hospitable people, relaxed lifestyle 

  • English is widely spoken 

  • Safe: at the top of the EU list 

  • Rich history & culture as well as a vivid modern life (culture & social) 

  • Advanced infrastructure & expertise in professional services 

  • Excellent medical facilities and Strong banking system 

  • Great investment: low prices, growing rentals 

  • Laws regulations becoming more 'investor friendly' 

  • Low cost of living 

Why Cyprus

  • Full member of European Union and Eurozone

  • Prestige private English schools and colleges

  • Top public and private health care

  • Access to business in Europe

  • Low corporate tax at 12.5%

  • Good rental returns and capital appreciation of approx. 5% per year

  • Strategic location at the crossroads of 3 continents

  • An international business hub

  • One of the largest natural gas discoveries

  • Rising demand and interest in the Cyprus Property Market

  • Perfect combination of luxury and tradition

  • Cosmopolitan lifestyle 

  • Relaxed family environment

  • Perfect Mediterranean climate

  • One of the safest countries in the world

  • High standard but low cost of living

  • Low population 

  • 160 official beaches. 49 official blue flag beaches

  • Breathtaking Nature

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