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Terms & Conditions

A legal disclaimer

  1. In general, if you cancel a reservation, the amount refunded to you is determined by the cancellation policy that applies to that reservation at the Time of Booking.

  2. Kindly check  All details/ Names of Passengers on Tickets and Hotel Booking Before Confirming the same to us. We Acknowledge Names Received in Form of ID proof from the client and also if Received on Whatsapp and Email where the Clients Type the names themselves as Authentic.

  3. Luxury Vacations is not responsible for any Covid Related terms and Conditions for travelling to the desired destination of the client.

  4. Passengers are advised to update themself from the authorities for the respective states and countries before travel. Clients can take Help from our Team at Luxury vacations for filling Forms and Other Formalities - but under no condition will Luxury Vacations be liable for any outcome of the same. 

  5. FLIGHTS:: If Cancellation is requested for any Confirmed Flight – Fare Rules Charges/Penalty + GST Applicable at the Time of Booking Will Apply and Cancellation/ Refund Will Happen Accordingly. 

  6. FLIGHTS :: If Date Change is Requested for any Confirmed Flight- Fare Rule Charges/Penalty applicable at the time of booking + Fare Difference if any + GST would apply; and will be Borne by the Client.  

  7. STAY Bookings :: If Cancellation or Change Of PROPERTY/ HOTEL is Requested after confirmation or During Checkin – Charges/ Penalty Applicable as per the BOOKING Criteria will have to borne by the CLIENT.

  8. STAY Bookings:: Any Early checkout/cancellation of Hotel requested – refund amount if any will depend on the Hotel’s consent and shall Accordingly be Shared with the Client.

  9. STAY/ Flights:: Any Dislike , Disagreement towards the Selected Hotel/ Flight arrangement previously authorised by the Client to us as Confirmation shall have to be Processed as Per Cancellation/ Changes applicable while executing Booking. 

  10. SERVICES::  Please Note that While Selling ONE service we are not Entitled to be responsible for anything else bought by the Client from any other Source. We shall only take Responsibility for Services SOLD by us.

  11. VISAS::  We Render VISA services - but the Decision of whether to give or refuse the visa is solely of the Embassy of that country.

  12. VISAS:: Please Note:: While Applying for the VISA - the Timeline of Delivery of the Visa is the Sole Decision and is Controlled by the EMBASSY only.

  13. Dollar rate for the Purpose of International Remittance Can be Calculated as

  14. SERVICES:: Please note Confirmed/ Vouchered  - TRANSFERS  and  SIGHTSEEINGS’s Will Incur Charges if clients Demands to Change Time Or Date Of the Activity.

  15. SERVICES:: Please Note Since all Add on’s VARIABLES (Transfers , Sightseeings, Extra Meals, Guide, Transport) to the BOOKINGS are added separately, anything Unused for any Reasons will be Non Refundable.

  16. All International Bookings Will incur a 5 % TCS on the total amount of the Booking, fully adjustable in the client’s ITR.

  17. Please Note :: All Orders for Services of LUXURY VACATIONS - Flights, Hotels, Sightseeings, Transfers,Cruises, Packages, Visas and others are Rendered AUTHENTIC and LEGIT when received from CLIENT on EMAIL- WHATSAPP and others- or any other Mode of Interaction where the Client Authenticates the Bookings to be Done. In such Cases the CLIENT is Bound to Clear Dues for the same as Per the TIME LINE and INVOICE shared.

  18. If Client is UNABLE to pay his dues for any Booking Before the Payment Deadline date shared and Discussed with the Client - the BOOKING stands Null and VOID , in such case any advance or Deposit received against the Booking is NON REFUNDABLE.  

  19. All Payments Made via Credit Card – In shop or online via Bank Link or Razor Pay,PAYU link will incur Credit Card Charges Charged by the Respective service Providers, and will have to Borne by the Client.

  20. Any Refunds to be made of the Payments Done via CREDIT cards/ UPI (and Other such methods which do attract a Service charge at the time of Payment);; Might attract a Subsequent Service charge deduction at the time of Refund. This type of Refund usually happens between 5-7 working days.

  21. REFUNDS :: Timeline for Refunds applied for Any Booking Flights, hotels, and other services depends upon the time advised by the Service Provider and shall be informed to the client. 

  22. CANCELLATIONS :: All Cancellations for any Flights , Hotel, or other services which are or are not part of the Package shall have to processed as per the Cancellation Charges and Rules Discussed with the Client at the time of the Booking.

  23. Please Note We Do Cater Clients with Need of TRAVEL INSURANCE (Third Party)   and encourage them to carry the same for their own safety. Since the insurance is a Third Party Product we encourage clients to engage with the Insurer in case of any Emergency for faster response .  

  24. All and if any Dispute shall be subject to Delhi Jurisdiction only.

  25. Luxury Vacations is a Brand/ UNIT Owned by Lotus Exports Pvt Ltd . 


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